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Message Development Strategy Message Development Strategy
It is important in your organization to have consistent core messages that define who you are, what you stand for, and what you do that benefits people. It is important to declare your vision in a way that is clear and memorable. It is important that you convey what really matters.

In Message Development Strategy, we work with you in small teams to analyze the potentially controversial issues of your company. We teach you to analyze the message environment–what's being said about you and your industry. We teach you to look at where you want to position yourself– your company. We identify the audience that you want to reach.

Targeting Your Audience to Win Their Support

Then, together as a team, we build the messages that your company wants to convey to target the audience you want to reach and whose support you want to win!

From there, you will learn how to develop the 10,15, and 30 second message–messages you will use in presentations, TV and radio interviews, and interviews with print journalists. You will have a clear direction as to what is important to convey.

Next, we take a look and see how your messages go to work for you. You will role-play and have several practice opportunities on-camera in an interview TV simulation. We will videotape you with playback and constructive critique and with personal coaching until the "fit is perfect."

"Charlotte, when the recent crisis hit Gateway, our managers were well prepared to deal with the media thanks to your training. As Public Affairs Director, you made my job much easier. Many thanks. We look forward to bringing you back to Brooklyn for a graduate course."

— Manny Strumpf
National Park Service

Our goal: to teach you to create messages that go to the heart of the matter.

Maximum personal coaching, multiple videotaping with constructive critique, group exercises, discussions, and brainstorming. You will receive a videotape of your on-camera work for review, support materials, and manual.

CTC can design this on-site workshop just for you, to meet your time frame and class size. We will train your group together, focusing on your company's communication objectives.

For more information, or to schedule Message Development Strategy, contact us.

Executive Coaching & Training in Leadership Communications

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