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Advanced Executive Communications Advanced Executive Communications
You are in a position of authority. You are making decisions that affect people's lives. It is vital to the success of your organization that you know how your decisions will be perceived by the public.

Strategic Presentation & Media Skills

This specialized hands-on training focuses on the dynamics and nuances of leadership communication in the public marketplace. CTC Tailors this in-house course to make it company-specific. We can train a group of your managers and spokespersons together-with group discussions focusing on the overall strategy of your company or agency. Working intensively as a team, your group will practice on-camera the proven techniques to communicate effectively under pressure.

With personal coaching from Charlotte Tighe and an experienced journalist, you will learn to project your best qualities, to give presentations that get results, to fine-tune your messages to reach the public, and learn the valuable skills to comfortably handle the print and broadcast media.

Advanced personal training in both presentation and media skills
Group exercises in message development strategy and audience analysis
Inspiring confidence and credibility in you and your company
Putting a human face on your organization–What are you doing for people?
Role-playing to handle a tough Q & A with the public and the media
On-camera interviews that target your company's issues
On-camera practice of consistent core messages that target your audience
to win their support

Maximum personal coaching, multiple videotaping with constructive critique, group exercises and discussions. You will receive a videotape of all your on-camera work for review, support materials, a workbook and manual.

CTC can design this on-site workshop just for you, to meet your time frame and class size. We will train your group together, focusing on your company's communication objectives.

For more information, or to schedule Advanced Executive Communications, contact us.

"If anyone told me that going through your training would be something that I would actually enjoy, I would have said you are crazy!...at the end of the second day I couldn't wait for my turn to participate. You have a very unique ability to get the most out of people and I thank you for all of your help...how great it would be to have everyone at our institution go through this experience, including our faculty."

— Dexter Rohm, Dean
Davenport College

Executive Coaching & Training in Leadership Communications

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