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"To Charlotte Tighe

It might take me long to express my gratitude to you or rather to say it with the right words so I´┐Żll use your advice and say it..........(pause) simply!

I am very grateful to God
for having met you,
you have the gift to bring out
what is best in people that you coach or rather touch.

Wishing you well in your journey to teach people that what they want to be
is already inside them,
as is their genetic code...
and I let you know once again
that part of your legacy
remains with me."

—Mugeni Kayitenkore
Office of the President,
Republic of Rwanda

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CTC in Rwanda

Seven years after the genocide, Charlotte traveled to the beautiful tiny central African nation of Rwanda, a country about the size of Massachusetts, with eight million people.
Charlotte was communications consultant and speechwriter to President Paul Kagame. She wrote his televised state of the union address delivered to Parliament. Charlotte also coached First Lady, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, who was preparing to chair the first ever gathering for the Summit of First Ladies of Sub-Saharan Africa on Children and HIV/AIDS, held in Kigali. Charlotte also conducted seminars in speechwriting, public speaking and media interview skills for members of the Rwandan government.

"Rwanda was an extraordinary experience. I worked with extraordinary people who are fiercely committed to keeping Rwanda peaceful and keeping all Rwandans safe, while continuing to steer their country on a course of reconciliation. Nowhere is the strength of the human spirit more visible than in Rwanda–along side the profound loss and the need for forgiveness, is the indomitable courage of a people who have suffered the unthinkable. Today, under the strong leadership of President Paul Kagame, Rwanda has emerged from the horrific devastation of 1994, into a country of hope...and progress.

It was an honor to work with the remarkable and determined President Kagame. It was an honor to work beside every Rwandan in my classes. And I will be forever grateful to the President and his Chief of Staff for taking such good care of this American."


Learn more about Rwanda's remarkable Journey.
Visit the Republic of Rwanda official web site, http://www.gov.rw/

"Hotel Rwanda" is a magnificent and important film that should not be missed!
Visit the "Hotel Rwanda" website.



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